Singing the praises of the Boise Chordsmen

The state's largest barbershop group has a busy week
Posted at 8:41 AM, Sep 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-19 10:41:24-04

BOISE, IDAHO — The Boise Chordsmen are a local musical group that consists of about 30 or 40 gentlemen who all play the same instrument, yet all make a different and unique sound. They have two big events coming up and new leadership, so, we checked back in with Idaho's largest barbershop choir, to learn more about the events we can look forward to this week.

You've seen them perform at the Morrison Center, heard them in a singing valentine at your workplace, or maybe have seen them perform in our studio.

The Boise Chordsmen are gearing up for another great season of song!

"They're a group of dedicated guys who love to sing," said the Boise Chordsmen Artistic Director Zach Groeblinghoff.

Since we last checked in, the popular men's barbershop chorus got a new leader in Zach Groeblinghoff, a gentleman who was already training the vocal talents of the Treasure Valley's youth.

"Where I am right now is Caldwell High School, I teach the high school choirs at Caldwell, and I just started working for the Boise Chordsmen right when the pandemic hit," said Groeblinghoff.

Zach took an interest in the Chordsmen when he took several of his students to their annual Youth Barbershop Festival.

"They did music that I knew. It wasn't like this written in 1902 kind of music, they were singing things like Beach Boys, but they were singing things like I can't stop this feeling! They were singing songs that I had grown up listening to. And so it wasn't like...old fogey, guys with straw hats kind of thing, and they're all wearing stripe shirts," said Groeblinghoff.

And if there's anyone who knows barbershop, it's Zach. It's in his blood.

"I grew up with barbershoppers in my family. And I grew up with international champion choruses and quartets in my backyard," said Groeblinghoff.

Aside from Zach taking the helm of the Chordsmen, the same traditions continue, including the aforementioned Youth Barbershop Festival happening this week.

"We've got three days of festivals with probably more than a thousand students coming and seeing us over the course of three days," said Groeblinghoff.

Or their big annual show this Saturday that might be exactly what your heart needs.

"Often times we have people coming up to us at the end of our shows and saying I had no idea I needed that song, but that song really did something to me. It reminded me of x, y, or z. I got so excited because I was brought back to memories of my childhood or whatever that may be," said Groeblinghoff.

But whether you've seen the Chordsmen in person before, plan to see them for the first time this week, or even might consider joining them, they just want to remind you to keep using that instrument you carry around with you everywhere you go.

"We believe as barbershop harmony society people, if we can get everyone to keep singing, the world's going to be a better place," said Groeblinghoff.

As mentioned, the Boise Chordsmen will have two big events this week, both at the Morrison Center. The three-day youth barbershop festival will run this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and will have free performances for anyone who wants to attend each night at 7pm. And this year's annual show titled "Across the Years" will be this Saturday starting at 7pm. For tickets and more information on the Boise Chordsmen, head over to