‘Silo Solutions’ gives grain bins new life

Posted at 3:01 PM, Jun 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-24 18:35:58-04

BANNOCK COUNTY, Idaho — Tiny homes, tree houses and glamping: these days, travelers are ditching traditional hotels for something out of the ordinary.

Now, one close-knit family is taking farm equipment and giving it the ultimate glow-up.

Rising from the Idaho landscape, it's easy to spot them — large grain bins sitting in fields. For one reason or another, farmers often need to move or replace these large storage bins. This works out perfectly for the Wixom family, who saw the structures and knew they could give them a new lease on life. 

“I found a Facebook marketplace ad that somebody had four grain bins for sale and so we went and decided to purchase those,” said Wes Wixom, co-founder of Silo Solutions

Wes Wixom and his brother Adam had been remodeling homes with their dad, fixing and flipping properties, but once inspiration struck they knew they were in the bin business. The bins are vented, corrugated steel cylinders used for storing dry grains. Converting them into homes for humans takes imagination and a whole lot of planning. 

“So many Sunday evenings they would just sit at the table and sketch at the silo houses,” said Lindi Wixom.

Together with husbands Adam and Wes, sisters-in-law Lindi and Ashlee helped put together a proof of concept. Then, it was time for the real deal, purchasing land and constructing on a grand scale.

“With all three bins it’s like 3,200 square-foot total,” said Wes Wixom.

Up-cycled container homes have gained a lot of attention as more home-owners opt for alternatives during a historic housing boom and travelers look for unique getaways. Their Instagram Silo Solutions has thousands of followers. People wanted to watch the process and then started asking... will these rooms be for rent?

“Let’s just open it up to an Airbnb,” said Adam Wixom.

Located just minutes outside of Lava Hot Springs, the Wixoms say it'll be the perfect getaway for out-of-towners or Idahoans looking to enjoy everything Eastern Idaho has to offer from the comfort of their one-of-a-kind farmhouse.

Now they are already getting excited for their next build, constructed with love — from the ground up.