Shoppers snag deals on Thanksgiving Day

Posted at 10:17 PM, Nov 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-27 00:17:01-05

Thanksgiving may mean turkey and family for some, but now for many it may also mean it’s time for a new TV.

“"I was actually just sitting on the couch watching football and got on my phone just to check the deals and thought, you know what why don't I could just come out for my first Black Friday and buy a new TV," said one shopper who braved the cold temperatures to visit Best Buy Thursday evening.

While many retailers won’t open until tomorrow morning, others like JC Penny and Best Buy opened their doors today to welcome eager bargain hunters.

“We made every effort to staff the store with associates who volunteered to work the Thanksgiving holiday and to show our appreciation associates working this day are all going to be paid double time,” said JCPenny Store Manager Teresa Taylor.

Shoppers say the atmosphere of today’s shopping trip is much different from their experiences on traditional Black Fridays.

"I think there's a lot less of the craziness, less shoving, less getting angry because you have a lot more time to take care of your shopping.”

While many shoppers were able to grab the items from their wish lists today, others, like dedicated shoppers lined up at Cabela’s, remain out in the elements eager for Friday morning’s 5 a.m. opening.