Shelter opens early Wednesday following 4th

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jul 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-02 19:57:13-04

With fireworks now popping and cracking, those with the Idaho Humane Society are already seeing an influx in strays at the Boise-based shelter.

Their advice is to keep your pets inside at night. In the case they get out, be sure to have up-to-date information through your pet's micro-chipping services.

If you can't find you cat or dog, it's recommended to check with the shelter as soon as possible and if they are not there to file a lost pet report.

The shelter will open earlier than normal on Wednesday at 8 a.m. for anyone who is missing a pet or for lost ones to be dropped off. 

"It is really important to talk to your neighbors, they're [cats] probably nearby. Dogs it's a little bit different because they will just run. They can be found pretty far away from where they started," says Allison Maier, spokeswoman for the Idaho Humane Society. "For cats, that's pretty unusual."

As the temperatures soar, you're also urged to never lock pets in the car for any period of time even if the windows are rolled down.

Animal control is ready to respond to concerned calls and if animals are unresponsive, they can use any means necessary to get inside the vehicle.