Severe flooding in Hailey

Posted at 10:20 PM, May 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-08 00:27:13-04

What were once roadways are now waterways in Hailey. The Big Wood River has burst from its banks after a rapid snowmelt. The water turning a parking lot into a roaring torrent and swallowing up parts of the Draper Wood River Nature Preserve. The Haley Fire Department says up to 30 homes have been impacted. 

"Over the last couple days it's increased where the groundwater is rising and now we have a combination of that surface water coming out with the increased river water making a bad situation that much worse," said Chief Craig Aberbach of the Hailey Fire Department.

Crews are not just dealing with flooding but fallen trees. The soggy ground and high winds have caused trees to come crashing down. Idaho power has cut off the electricity to the affected homes for safety measures. many are using generators to pump the water out of their basements and crawlspaces while sandbagging around their homes

"That's my concern is just water rising from underneath and then getting into the floor. Then it's like alright we're out," said Scott Mcgrew who is trying to hold back the floodwaters from his home. 

At this time the Haley fire department says no injuries have been reported, and no mandatory evacuation are in place. The fire chief says they've seen great support from the community. 

"The city of Hailey has provided sand and sand bags in the last couple days we've had several hundred people, volunteering their time, their own vehicles filling sandbags and distributing them to residents in need," said Chief Aberbach. 

Authorities are urging the public to stay out of floodwaters and obey all road closings. They are asking residents to be prepared in case they need to be evacuated. 

"We're just going to keep rolling our sleeves up fight the good fight and do what we can," said Mcgrew. 

City and county leaders plan to hold a meeting in the next several days to discuss long-term plans.