Section of Boise Greenbelt closes for construction on phase two of the whitewater park

Posted at 5:21 PM, Sep 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 13:36:15-04

The section of the Boise Greenbelt north of the Boise River from Veteran's Park to Esther Simplot Park has closed and won't reopen until at least 2019.

The Boise Parks and Recreation Department has begun the staging to build phase two of the J.A. & Kathryn Albertson's Family Foundation Boise Whitewater Park.

The plan is to put in three additional features to go along with the wave that is already very popular with both kayakers and surfers.

"It is really exciting the wave that we have right now is super popular, people love it, said Bonnie Shelton of the Boise Parks & Rec Department. "It was just featured on CNN."

However, construction is complicated because engineers need to reroute the Boise River to allow construction crews to build one more controllable wave and two natural hydraulic features with boulders.

“We understand it can be a little bit of an inconvenience, but we really hope that people stay out of that area because we do not want anyone getting into anywhere that has construction equipment or construction crews," said Shelton.

Six on Your Side saw several people riding in the closed-off section of the Greenbelt and not only is it a safety issue, but it is also trespassing and violators could be charged with a misdemeanor.

Tom McCabe loves the section of the Greenbelt that will be closed well into 2019, he rides his bike through this section every day to check out the birds and doesn't look forward to having to take an alternate route.

The detour takes people over the bridge just below the whitewater park to the Garden City side of the Greenbelt which isn't ideal for McCabe.

"Garden City has allowed everybody to build right up to the edge of the Greenbelt," said McCabe. "I like this section because I see bald eagles in the winter and deer this is a great place and now this is closed off for the entire winter."

The city expects the Boise Whitewater Park phase two to be completed by next summer.