Section 37 Axe Room brings axe throwing to Treasure Valley

Posted at 2:42 AM, Apr 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-15 09:10:12-04

TREASURE VALLEY, Idaho — The owners of Section 37 Axe Room tried axe throwing for the first time when they were on vacation in Colorado, then knew they had to bring it to Idaho. They opened Section 37 in Boise back in 2018 and have now grown to three locations. One of them is a franchise location.

"Indoor axe throwing, what's that?" section 37 owner Ashley Brennan said. "It's Idaho in an activity."

After trying axe throwing on vacation, Brennan and her husband immediately started working to bring it to the Treasure Valley.

"We found a building, signed a lease and got started."

They opened the first location of section 37 in Boise back in 2018. Now, they have two more locations in Garden City and Caldwell. The Caldwell location was the second to open in January of 2020.

"It was very exciting and then instantly very scary," Brennan said.

After shutting down for three months because of the pandemic, section 37 was able to continue to grow.

"We're set up pretty well for social distancing as it is. I mean our lanes are twelve feet so groups are already separated," she said.

Then in December of last year, Brennan's friend Kapi Thomas opened the first franchise location in Garden City.

She said the atmosphere is what makes section 37 unique, "The music the fun, like you kind of just get to--you get to bring your own beer, your own wine, get food delivered or bring your own food."

Here's how it works at Section 37 Axe Room:

"Everybody comes in, they sign the waiver, snag a free piece of candy and then you would come back here to the throwing lane, I'll take you to lane six. So when you come, we would have everybody stand back behind like near the table and then we would kind of walk you through a demonstration of how you would want to throw," Thomas said.

"When you throw, I start with my feet shoulder-width apart and then I take one step in, lunge and throw," Brennan said.

And thanks to the axperts who work at Section 37 Axe Room, Thomas said anyone can hit a bullseye and get to ring the bell

"The first time you actually--we call it thunking it, when you hit the wood and it sticks. That moment, you're just like oh yes I totally can do this," she said.

The Garden City location is having its grand opening next month. You can find more information by clicking here.