Search effort underway to find missing wheelchair

Posted at 9:51 PM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-26 09:45:07-04

Update: While the stolen wheelchair hasn't been found, the Gofundme account has passed the original $20,000 goal and has set a new goal of $40,000.

Roughly one hundred people hit the streets Monday in search for Nathan Ogden's four thousand dollar specialized wheelchair. 

"We're here to try to get a good ditch effort to see if we can find it," explained Ogden.

Ogden, who is quadriplegic said he left his wheelchair at the base of the stands at Albertson's Stadium while he watched the BSU game Friday night. When he came back to retrieve it at halftime, the custom chair was gone.

"I need to have that. I have to have that, that's my independence, that's how I get around, that's how I live, provide for my family, I tuck my girls into bed, it's all of it," said Ogden.

Recently he and his family raised more than $43,000 biking from Bend, Oregon to Los Angeles, all to help people in other countries who don't have wheelchairs. Ogden said this experience made him even more passionate about his work. 

"Losing my chair like this has kind of rekindled that fire, that I need to go do more because I don't want anyone to feel how terrible that feels, how helpless that feels to not have your legs, to not have your independence," explained Ogden.

Ogden said the search party was organized after people from around the community showed an outpouring of support and want to help.

He said best case scenario they get the chair back. Worse case scenario, they don't. Regardless, he is keeping a positive attitude. 

"Is it terrible this happened, yes, but in a good way maybe this needed to happen to help make a bigger difference," said Ogden.

A Gofundme page has been set up to help Ogden replace his wheelchair.

If the chair is found, the funds will go to Chair the Hope to help someone else in need.