Scripps Howard Foundation grant presented to Camp Hodia, improving life with Type 1 Diabetes

KIVI presents Scripps Howard Foundation grant to Camp Hodia
Posted at 4:34 PM, Jan 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-21 19:16:52-05

Kids battling Type 1 Diabetes spent their weekend skiing up in Donnelly at Camp Hodia's winter camp. For lots of kids at the camp, it's the only time they get to hangout with other kids facing the same hurdles.

"I'm from a really small town, so there's only one other girl in my high school that had Type 1 Diabetes and now I'm the only one, that was kind of difficult, a lot of teachers didn't know what it was so i had to talk to them all about it," said 4-year attendee Sydney Cobb.

"Kids that have diabetes are the majority so you feel included," said 10-year attendee Michael Beal.

Even the medical staffers running the camp can relate.

"My first time at camp there were 120 people there including staff and I was 1 of 5 people there that did not have Type 1 Diabetes," said nurse practioner and assistant director Nadine Carter.

What isn't apparent during the skiing and snowboarding, is the staggering cost of diabetes. It can be thousands each month for one person.

"We have never and we won't turn kids away for inability to pay, regardless of the families finances… at times it makes it hard, we need to fund-raise, we need to get the money in order to get these kids up there," said director of winter camp Samuel Troutt.

The Scripps Howard Foundation recognizes the good done here and the work needed to keep it running. At our station, we strive to do good, which is why we surprised 60 kids on their way home from camp with a check for $2,500 to Camp Hodia.

"Hodia has really just showed me im not alone, and a lot of people face the same struggles as me, and its let me meet some of my best friends," said Cobb.