Scoring Breakdown for X Games in Boise

Posted at 9:38 PM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 23:38:50-04

A big field of competitors here in Boise, but only six men and four women will qualify to compete in Minneapolis. 
Six on your side caught up with former skateboarder Neil Hendrix who turned pro back in 1991.  He broke down the scoring for us and says it won't be easy to get past Boise.  
To qualify for the X Games it's all based a one to 100 point scale.  The athletes can earn points in two ways, a score out of 100 for the skill of the tricks performed, and a score out of 100 for the air an athlete gets.
"It's a one to hundred scale it all comes down to the difficulty the difficulty of the trick the use of the park style always comes into play if two guys or girls are doing the same trick one might have a technique that looks better than the other,” said, X Games Judge Neil Hendrix.
Most judges consist of former BMX's and skateboarders that have been around the sport for several years. For them, it's pretty easy to tally up the scores
"Just being able to see the really interact details and knowing the difficulty of the trick is really important," said, Hendrix.
Hendrix says that the culture has changed from when he first hit the concrete jungle, and it has exploded in the northwest.
"Skating is so high now for older guys like myself we are so jealous of the young generation because there are amazing skate parks in so many different communities and there are different regions all around the world that have just amazing facilities you have facilities like that you have the skate scenes where all the kids meet at the park after school it really drives that progression," said, Hendrix.
With that said Rhodes Skate Park will be a true challenge in how wild this venue can truly be.
"This is a really interesting park and I was actually talking to some of the judges just about how we are going to score it because it's almost kind of a snake run type park and you are really wanting to see the competitors use the entire park.  but it really comes down to the difficulty of the trick you will see all these hits you will see the skaters down some air and some hand plants, and foot plants and all those tricks weigh different in the difficulty scale so it all comes down to how hard your tricks are," said, Hendrix.
At the end of the day, not everyone is going to going home happy with their results.
"in the final round it's going to be really high with only six going to the x-games there is going to be some hurt feelings," said, Hendrix.
Competition will continue tomorrow here at Rhodes Park with practices beginning bright and early tomorrow morning at 9:00 am with the final competition beginning at 12:30 pm.