Scentsy uses border collies to control geese on Meridian campus

Posted at 8:30 PM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-24 08:57:51-04

One of Idaho's biggest companies has a team of very unusual employees....
They work at Scentsy, and they spend their days swimming, running and generally making everyone else at the Meridian-based company happy.
That's because they happen to be dogs, and when you're a border collie, there's no such thing as the Monday blues.

"All they want to do is play, fetch the ball and when the birds are out there, do their job.  They're just fantastic." says dog wrangler Joshua McNitt.
The Scentsy dogs began with Izzy, who was purchased to patrol the 73 acres of what geese seem to think is prime habitat.
They tried fake foxes and fences and wires, but nothing worked until izzy and her pup luna.
When they get in the water to do their job, the geese have nowhere to rest.

"Our dogs are just relentless," says McNitt, "they just don't stop."
Izzy is the matriarch of a team of five border collies.
And she's such a good worker, she sometimes forgets her family.

"The last batch of puppies she had, she abandoned them quickly to go back to work again," recalls McNitt, "and we had to remind her that she had some motherly duties as well."
The dogs have two busy seasons, and the rest of the time, they keep in shape chasing balls and patrolling the offices of scentsy.

"The employees absolutely love them." says McNitt, "Theyre theraputic, they walk through the building and bring smiles to all the faces."
The geese feel a bit different and tend to fly or waddle across the street to the Blue Cross campus.
And for Izzy and her team, that's a job well done.