Sarah Yantis holds baby shower in Council, Idaho... as Justice for Jack holds community cookout

Sarah Yantis holds baby shower in Council, Idaho
Posted at 11:01 PM, Oct 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 06:23:56-04

Sarah Yantis, daughter of rancher Jack Yantis, held a baby shower in Council Idaho today, October 8, 2016. Down the road just a minute's walk, Justice for Jack held a community cookout.  Each of these events is occurring just a few weeks from the November 1st, one year anniversary of the death of the rancher, shot by Adams County Sheriffs' deputies.

Both, now looking towards a brighter future.

Sarah says she's expecting a boy. Of the values her father embodied, she says she hopes her son -- whose name she says she has not decided upon as of yet -- will learn "how to work hard, and be successful and do the best you can every day, you know. And no matter what you do, have fun doing it."

Justice for Jack says they're expecting just that: Justice. "There is no reason for the death of a rancher in Council, Idaho, 11 months ago," said Michael McLaughlin, an administrator and co-founder of Justice for Jack.