Saint Alphonsus partners with cancer institute, improves access to care and trials

Saint Alphonsus partners with cancer institute, improves access to care and trials
Posted at 3:50 PM, Nov 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-11 19:34:32-05

BOISE — Saint Alphonsus announces their new collaboration with OHSU Knight Cancer Institute to provide top of the line cancer care and specialized treatment, especially for those battling rare cancers.

“Our mission is the end cancer as we know it," said Dr. Uma Borate, medical director of the Knight Cancer Network.

At Monday's press conference, the two specifically highlighted how this partnership would increase access to clinical trials.

“We already are the leader of clinical trials in the Treasure Valley with over 100 clinical trials, with OHSU, well be able to bring even more trials that are unique," said Dr. Andrew Scott Pierson, medical director of Saint Alphonsus Cancer Institute.

“A set of specialty trails that may not be available for patients in the Boise community, and to specifically mention Phase I, which are very early phase trials of drugs which are just being introduced into patients," said Borate.

In attendance, oncologists from Saint Alphonsus, excited about the resources available.

“I work with the leukemia patients and the lymphoma patients, patients that have toxicity associated with their chemotherapy," said Dr. Richard Miranda.

Dr. Miranda says the collaboration makes it more seamless to get his patients into the Oregon Health and Science University's transplant program.

“I can talk directly to their oncologist, try to transfer patients to their program, or even refer a patient to their program," said Miranda.

Other opportunities on the horizon through the cancer institute include immunotherapy treatments, which might not otherwise be accessible.