Rusty nails found in Lake Lowell at popular swimming area

Posted at 4:51 PM, Jul 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 09:10:38-04

Kyrsten King and her boyfriend were trying to enjoy a day at the beach on the northwest corner of Lake Lowell, but instead found a very scary situation when they discovered nails, barbwire and shards of glass in the water.

"When we saw those it was just a shock," said King. "I mean you shouldn't have to worry about rusty nails, shards of glass and barbwire at a family place."

The couple walked up and down the beach, picking up 35 nails out of the water and now they are trying to get the word out to the public to be careful because many kids like to swim in the lake.

"I just want everybody to be safe," said King.

This happened in the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge and while we don't know how this dangerous stuff got in the lake, the refuge manager tells us litter is a big problem in the area.

"We do get a lot of trash that washes up on the refuge shoreline as well as the roads around the refuge," said Annette de Knijf. "We definitely appreciate her help on that."

If you find anything dangerous and don't want to pick it up yourself, you can call the refuge and they will send someone out to attempt to clean it up.