Rural Idaho schools hiring more unlicensed teachers

Rural Idaho schools hiring more unlicensed teachers
Posted at 2:16 PM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-18 16:16:36-04

A number of rural Idaho school districts are struggling to lure licensed teachers to classrooms -- causing the districts to hire more unlicensed educators.

The Times-News reports the Twin Falls School District hired 20 unlicensed educators this year, as other nearby districts are also hiring more unlicensed teachers.

State Board of Education Vice President Debbie Critchfield says the number of certified teachers graduating from Idaho universities have remained steady, but it's “more of a distribution problem.” With about 70 percent of Idaho schools consider rural, certified teachers are not choosing these areas.

Unlicensed teachers are required to get a state certificate within three years, and schools do provide on-the-job training and mentoring.

More educators are also pursuing alternative routes to earning that certificate.

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