Rucking Challenge is the latest effort by a local Nampa man to help at risk youth

Posted at 2:11 PM, Aug 03, 2019

NAMPA — Cosmo Zimik owns Empty Hand Combat a martial arts center in downtown Nampa and now he's spearheading the Rucking Challenge to bring the community together to help at-risk youth.

Over the years Cosmo has helped many children in Nampa by giving up his time to mentor children once a week, eleven of the kids have gone on to join the military, he helps teenagers get the GED and he says all it takes is giving up a little bit of time.

"We are just like a support system for them and a lot of people are amazed at some of the stuff we do, but it is really basic," said Zimik. "The key is just to be there for them."

Zimik is hoping that the Rucking Challenge will bring the community together to help even more children through exercise.

"It's a physical challenge, but it is also bonding time and we want to start this every two months," said Zimik. "The whole community in Nampa can come out and have some activity on the weekend."

This Saturday Mayor Debbie Kling talked to some of the kids and relayed the message that a physical challenge can be related to problems that we all encounter in life.

The Rucking Challenge costs $25 if you pre-register and here is more information about Empty Hand Combat.

Proceeds generated from the Rucking Challenge go towards building schools in Cosmo Zimik's native country of India.