Road to X Games this weekend

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jun 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-11 19:23:09-04

The countdown is on, only four days until the world's top skateboarders and BMX riders will compete in the Treasure Valley for an invitation to X games Minneapolis.

Organizers of the Road to X Games say there will be even more for the whole family to enjoy this year. 

"Nobody really quite knew what to expect with this event and it ended up being way bigger than I anticipated for sure," said Greg Goulet, co-owner, Prestige Skateshop. 

The Road to X Games is in it's second year in Boise and the local skateboarding community is enthusiastic about what's to come. 

"At least for us having this skate shop. It turned a lot of people onto skateboarding, it was really cool. We sold a lot of very first completes to kids who just went down to the event, got so stoked and their like holy smokes, I gotta get a skateboard," explained Goulet

"ESPN loved it. They walked away feeling really good, so did the city, so did most of the skateboarders, but always like anything you do one thing the first year, you figure out twenty things you could do better for the second year," said Josh Davis, president, Boise Skateboard Association. 

He says this year, the Road to X Games will have more of a festival feel. 

"There's going to be kids games, food trucks, beer garden, all sorts of fun stuff happening throughout the weekend and live music the whole time as well," said Davis. 

And he says it puts Boise on the map nationally. 

"Continuing to foster those relationships with ESPN, with some of the board sponsorship companies, other sponsors that look at all these athletes, just for our kids, it puts Boise on the map and makes in more recognizable," explained Davis. 

Tickets for Saturday are sold out, however tickets for bleacher seating on Friday are still available. The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are just for bleacher seating.