River floating brings whistled anthems and unexpected obstacles

Posted at 11:51 PM, Jul 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 02:04:44-04

Today's climbing temperatures and time off from work has many Boiseans crossing off a highly-anticipated summer bucket list activity: floating on the Boise River.

The Harlow family, who recently moved to Idaho from Nevada, were referred to the activity by a local tour guide.

"It's super fun to just be here with my family on the water -- just to spend time with each other, talking with one another, and also enjoying the water," Carissa Harlow, Meridian High School student, said.

But not every float drifts to the same tune: Bev Tessin says she was floating near an area with a particularly fast current when her kids wanted to pull over for a rope swing on the riverbank. That's when she saw the tree.

“I just couldn't get around it and I smacked into it. The whole thing," Tessin said. "I went underneath, off, grabbed a limb, kayak went floating down the river, my husband grabbed it. But then the firefighters and the boat rescue team came up and, ya know, I gave them the thumbs up because, by then, my kids had come around to save me and stuff-- so I had the paddle, and I had a tree limb," she said.

Luckily Tessin came away unscathed, but Scott Koberg, Director of Ada County Parks and Waterways would like to remind floaters to come prepared.

"There’s always going to be obstacles in the river," he said. "Your best protection against those obstacles, first and foremost, is to wear a life jacket, and secondly, to have the proper equipment.”

With safety in mind, Harlow says she looks forward to making floating a newfound tradition in her family.