Ridge to Rivers wants feedback on proposed Boise foothills trails

Posted at 10:16 PM, Aug 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 00:16:48-04

Boise's Ridge to Rivers wants to hear what you think of a proposal to expand trails in the foothills. An open house was held to give a chance to see how people feel about the plans. The Ridge to Rivers trail system has a five agency partnership led by the city of Boise. 

The Bureau of Land Management is one of them and its holding a public comment period on almost 15 miles of proposed trails, about six miles of which would be on BLM land. One of those proposed trails would be a downhill mountain biking only trail above Hulls Gulch. 

The Boise Parks and Recreation superintendent says a lot of the feedback they received was from mountain bikers wanting to get off some of those busier trails.

"And really were trying to alleviate some pressure on a very busy trail system by having downhill mountain bikers, maybe pulled away from areas where there's a lot of other use and a lot of other people," said Sara Arkle, Boise Parks and Recreation Foothills and Open Space superintendent. 

After the public comment process, the BLM will respond. 

Arkle says Boise Parks and Recreation is hopeful to begin building some of those trails within the next year depending on the feedback.

The public comment period is now open and ends on September 14th. 

You can find the survey on and on the Ridge to Rivers Facebook page.