Rhodes Skate Park continues to see high usage despite cold temperatures

Posted at 4:34 PM, Jan 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-22 18:35:08-05

BOISE — The X Games qualifier will return to Rhodes Park in Boise for the third consecutive year this summer, but that doesn't mean people aren't using the park during the winter.

Skaters and BMX riders continue to use Rhodes Park after school and during the evenings despite the cold temperatures, the only thing that will stop skaters is if the park is wet from rain and snow.

"Even though it is cold there is not that many deterrents that would stop a skateboarder from coming because it's life for me," said Michael Sabir who drives from Mountain Home to use the park.
"You can't keep me away from something I'm passionate about, I would drive even if it was farther away."

Skateboarding teaches young riders lessons like resiliency, overcoming obstacles and facing fear head on, however, Rhodes gives young riders a sanctuary where they can be themselves and do what they love.

"It's like a small community," said Sabir. "We come together and skate."

Skaters told us they are trying to put together a petition to see if it would be possible to put a tarp in between the overpasses to protect the park from getting wet in adverse weather.