Rhodes Skate Park bathroom facility could be revamped

Posted at 7:24 PM, Jul 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-28 21:41:25-04

Some folks are calling for a clean up effort at Rhodes Skate Park in Boise.

The revamped skate park has been complete for a couple months now.

Boise Park and Recreation maintenance managers are considering an alternative with regards to the bathroom at Rhodes Park. Currently, they have one facility with one bathroom each for males and females and both have locking doors.

The majority of Boise parks have restroom facilities, and the bathroom at the skate park is maintained like any other. 

However, due to the larger size and foot traffic at Rhodes Skate Park the bathrooms are cleaned and the trash is picked up twice a day.

When 11 o'clock rolls around at night, a security guard locks them up.

But there has been recent talk within the park and recreation department to improve the Rhodes Park bathroom whether it be to build a new structure with stalls, bring in portable units or close it for good.

"Our goal is to have permanent, all year round, safe restrooms that can be maintained and clean for the public, especially when you have a group like that down there with a high amount of users in that space," says Boise Parks Operations Manager Eden Belanger.

Belanger encourages everyone to do their part and pitch in.

If you come across a mess at any park bathroom, you can call the department's emergency line via the administration number: (208) 384-4256 .

Currently homeless, "Angel" is staying with friends. She enjoys hanging out at the park but hasn't witnessed any drug activity or conflicts.

"It's kind of nice to be able to come down here during the summer time because it's cool in this area," she explains. "It's the only covered area."

Neither had the skateboarders we spoke to.

Gentry Lauer, 14, says he feels safe but admits to avoiding the restroom facility at the skate park all together.

"I've used them once or twice and I don't really want to go back in there," Lauer says. "I just go down the road or wait."

Element, an international skateboard and clothing company, will soon be moving into a location next door to the skate park.

That's right around the corner with a welcoming event at Rhodes Skate Park on Aug. 6 starting at 1 p.m. There will be local and "pro" skateboarders in attendance, an open jam contest, live art and autograph signing opportunities.