Revitalization project underway in Kuna

Posted at 5:25 PM, May 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-07 19:26:46-04

If you are in Kuna you may notice a huge new interactive art display that reminds you exactly where you are. It’s part of a plan to give new life to the old city.

With the help of grants and other funding sources, the city has put more than a million dollars into ‘old town Kuna’ fixing the sidewalks, adding storm drains, the new art display, and more to make the city more inviting to guests and residents alike.

“I’ve got a lot of remarks that they like what we have done,” said Richard Cardoza, Kuna City Councilman and owner of Multi-Com insurance. “Once the trees grow out I think it will show a little bit more pedestrian friendly shade and what not.”

And they are still not done. They have finished with phase one, there stretch from Avenue E to Avenue C, but they are continuing Phase two heading east with the work to make sure everything looks lice.

“IOne of your first impressions when you come into town of a town is what it looks like when you first pull in there,” said Kuna Mayor Joe Stear.

One of the major goals of the changes is to inspire new business to come into the city.

“Were hoping that if we make it look nice they will feel proud of their community and support it,” said Cardoza.

But for those who may be already in Kuna, the goal is to give people a sense of pride for their community and they say the more work they put in, it might inspire others to do their part too.

“I hope the merchant themselves will take pride in their buildings and renovate and help keep the downtown looking nice,” said Cardoza.