Retired teachers turn historic school into dream home

Posted at 9:46 PM, Oct 13, 2016
What was once a thriving school built back in 1917 is little more than a skeleton today, but not for long.
Take two married retired teachers, multiply it with the old Huston School, add a little TLC and this funny math equals the dream home of Leigh Evans and her husband Allen.
"It stood here all this time and waited for somebody to love it back into existence and so I think it needs to be honored in that way," said Leigh. "I think it's beautiful. I think she's got a lot of charm to her."
A wonderful place to play hooky from school, but still remain in the classroom in the perfect retirement home. 
"We want to make our lives fit inside of it," said Leigh.
It seems like a textbook move for the two former public servants who spent a generation teaching children, but one tough test remains.
"When we met out here I thought it was a demo job," said John Odom of HMH construction. 
The man tasked with transforming the school insists the plan is no reading rainbow.
"Usually we have a set of plans and we have specs and we have stuff that we can go off of where water is where sewer is where those kind of things are. We don't really have that, we have some stuff from the early 1900's from sketches so those are the things we have to be cognizant of. We really don't know where some of the stuff is that we are digging around," said Odom.
Recess is over and the thinking caps are on, the project is now underway. Brick by brick and board by board, they hope the remodel makes this old school house rock.
"We want to keep the outside front especially the same. We are going to keep the old Huston School date up on top of the school," said Leigh. "We are really excited to be able to just be a part of it. It makes me feel blessed to be able to envision it being here for another 100 years that would be very perfect."
If you want to follow along with the renovations, you can find a link to the Evans' restoration blog here