Residents concerned over unstable hillside

Residents concerned over unstable hillside
Residents concerned over unstable hillside
Posted at 12:13 PM, Apr 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 00:27:57-04

An unstable section of land near a northeast Boise foothills neighborhood has officials and residents concerned.

The City of Boise, the Intermountain Gas Company, the Suez Water Company, the Idaho Public Utilities Commission and residents on Alto Via Court are “keeping eyes on” a land movement situation near the Terra Nativa subdivision. The subdivision is off Table Rock Road.

“We are concerned about the integrity of an unstable area of land near the subdivision,” said Suez Water Company spokesman Mark Snider. He said he shifting land has damaged a 12-inch water main, serving at least six homes on Alto Via Court.

“We have terminated water to one home,” Snider said. Initial reports indicate one home on the street has incurred structural damage as a result of the land movement. Residents of the home have reportedly vacated. Intermountain Gas Company spokesman Byron Defenbach said gas service to the home has also been terminated. Crews recently removed the gas meter.

Suez is in the process of installing an above-ground water line to accommodate the impacted homeowners. “We hope to have service restored by next Tuesday,” Snider said. “Parts for the new above-ground line need to be fabricated. So we have been in communication with our suppliers. Once the parts arrive, our crews will work around the clock if necessary to restore water to the homeowners,” he said.

“In the meantime, we are currently providing bottled water to residents who have chosen to remain in their homes,” Snider added.

Officials say they have been monitoring the unstable hillside for about the past two weeks. Utility representatives recently met with neighbors in an informal town hall setting to discuss the situation with them.

Officials do not yet know what is causing the land to shift,

“We are keeping eyes on the situation, as it develops,” said Defenbach. “We are ready to so whatever needs to be done to keep service in that area.”