Republicans hold unite rally on Statehouse steps

Posted at 5:06 PM, May 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 19:08:16-04

Dozens of people gathered at the statehouse steps Thursday morning to rally around the nine republicans who won their primary elections Tuesday and are headed to the general election in November.

The event was to unite the party and to prove that even representative Raul Labrador and Dr. Tommy Ahlquist stood behind the chosen nominee Lt. Governor Brad Little.

“It does feel good. It’s humbling and not only the candidates but their staffs and everyone that went out and poured their hearts into their campaigns you know we want to have our arms open we want to welcome them to our campaign,” said Lt. Governor Little.

But they said the work doesn’t stop now. They have a lot to do before the general election.

“You've still gotta go out and prove yourself to all the voters,” said Little.

They said the Democratic Party has some strong nominees so in the few months that remain they can’t be complacent about getting votes from the historically red state. They have to prove they are the best candidate for the job. 

“You have to be worried. I mean, don’t take the voters for granted the political world is strewn with the bodies of the people who took the voters for granted you don’t want to do that,” said Little.