Rep. Heather Scott plans return to House committees

"Return me to my committees by Feb. 1st"
Posted at 11:39 AM, Jan 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-31 14:19:06-05

Rep. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, says she plans to be reinstated to legislative committees by Feb. 1.

On her website, Scott writes: 

"In a final effort to bring closure to this issue, I have agreed to one final apology to a specific group within the House at the request of leadership.  I welcome the chance to clear the air with this group and I look forward to House leadership honoring its commitment to me to return me to my committees by February 1st and end any further punishments against me related to this issue."

Scott was removed from her positions on the Commerce, Environment and State Affairs committees following remarks that women only rise to leadership positions inside the Statehouse by means of sexual favors. 

No announcement returning Scott to her previously held committee positions was made on the House floor Tuesday.