Redemption fees waived at Idaho Humane Society through Tuesday

Dog playing outside
Posted at 2:26 PM, Jul 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-06 08:15:49-04

BOISE, Idaho — The number of strays at animal shelters skyrockets in the summer and peaks in the first part of July.

The Fourth of July holiday always brings in cats and dogs at the Idaho Humane Society. Anyone missing their four-legged friend is encouraged to stop by during regular hours.

Redemption fees will be waived for holiday strays at the Boise shelter through the end of the day Tuesday. The Idaho Humane Society reports so far, fewer than ten animals were turned into the shelter after getting out Sunday night, but a lot more is expected.

"There are a lot of stray dogs that are currently housed with good Samaritans right now, so we're really grateful for the community for making sure their fences are locked and setting up their pets for success because of the fireworks, said Kristine Schellhaas, IHS communications manager.

When temperatures are above 90 degrees, you may want to consider limiting your pet's time outside. Heatstroke can be deadly for them so if they do go outside, make sure they have shade and plenty of water.