Red Cross of Greater Idaho donates recreation items to Boise VA to support veteran therapy programs

Posted at 10:46 AM, Apr 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-23 12:46:48-04

The Red Cross of Greater Idaho donated a collection of items to the Boise VA Thursday to support veteran recreational therapy programs.

The organization donated items including fly-fishing rods and reels, lifejackets, cameras, golf balls and more to the Boise VA's recreational therapy programs. Studies show fly fishing reduces cortisol levels. Also, anglers sleep better, experience less stress, have lower levels of anxiety and depression, and are less likely to show p-t-s-d symptoms.

"Recreation therapy allows veterans to engage in social or physical adventure-oriented programs, and these are just wonderful connections that we'll have for our veterans to be able to be outdoors," said Kelly Odell, recreation therapist at the Boise VA.