Recap of summer operations at Bogus Basin

Posted at 10:10 PM, Sep 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 00:10:26-04

"We had one young person ride the coaster 31 times in one day. They're still probably spinning from that," said Brad Wilson, Bogus Basin Recreation Area general manager. 

With some new additions, the summer season at Bogus Basin has been a success. 

"We had a great summer. This was our first real summer with all the activities going including the mountain coaster and the smaller activities with the climbing wall and the summer tubing and the bungee jump and the gym pan and all that stuff came together and it was fantastic." 

There's even more plans in the works for the future. 

"Perhaps an aerial adventure course then followed up with a zip line in the next couple years so we're not stopping with just what we have now. We're going to continue to expand and we're going to create some more mountain bike trails, more hiking trails and just you know keep going with a good thing." 

Wilson says they will have just over a million dollars in revenue for the summer season which he says will give them a cushion going into winter. 

Although the summer season is not over for the year, winter preparations have already started. 

"We're finishing out the retention pond right now and we should have that done in about three weeks and all the snowmaking infrastructure, the pipes and the electrical power is going up on the hill. We have all of our snow guns sitting in the parking lot ready to go out on the hill and that's the great news." 

Wilson says it will be take a while to be in full scale operation. 

"We're probably not going to have enough water to be in full scale operation this first year and half and have to wait to fill the pond with run off and this time next year we'll have a full pond and we'll be going full blast so we will be able to do more snowmaking probably than we've ever done."

He says once they have that full pond.... 

"We'll be able to guarantee opening in mid December every year, year in, year out." 

Summer operations continue into the first week of October.