Realtor says renting laws need to change

Posted at 6:34 PM, Apr 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-16 00:59:40-04

A property dispute in Nampa is leaving homeowner’s frustrated about where their rights are as property owners lands in Idaho law.

In 10 years of working as a realtor, Norma Garcia of Western Idaho Realty has never seen anything like this.
"I 'm just totally blown away like I still can't believe this is happening," explained Norma. 
A woman moving into a home that the homeowners say they don't know. This new tenant claims she's renting the place fair and square,  she even has a lease. But the Prindles who own the home, say they don't know who this landlord is. The homeowners,  now in a legal battle with the tenant who is currently sitting in jail on an unrelated case. It could take weeks for a judge to make a ruling. 
"I understand that the judge has to follow the book but there has to be common sense," explained Norma. "At some point interjected in the ruling and I just don't think that's happening."
The whole time the buyer, an elderly woman in California who recently broke her neck is now essentially homeless, Norma says the law need change.
If it was your car, if somebody just jumped in my car, I 'd have a lot better chances of it getting recovered. And why is that? I mean the laws have to change, something has to happen," Said Norma. 
On Thursday Norma, realtors for the buyer and the Prindles went inside the home. She says it may cost as much of$15,000 to fix the damage that allegedly occurred under a renter in a disputed rental contract. Damages she believes was caused by the woman who now lives there. The realtors for both the woman in California and the Prindels say the deal is still on.

 6 On Your Side plans on following up with local lawmakers to see if a law is pushed through the Idaho legislature next year.