Rally at State Capitol shows support for Second Amendment

Posted at 5:37 PM, Sep 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-08 20:50:19-04
 A constitutional right these Idahoans want to protect. The Idaho Second Amendment alliance rallied from Friendship Park to the State Capitol in support of the right to bear arms. 
"The second protects the first and I think in the environment in our country today there's a lot of people that differ in ways to fix things," said President of the Idaho Three Percenters, Eric Parker. 
Pro-second amendment groups and supporters from all over the country met on the Capitol's steps. Some were concerned that our expanding population means a limitation to this freedom. 
“These other western states, especially on the coast, they had similar laws to what we had until their populations grew into big cities, they started gaining more gun laws and restrictions," said an attendee. 
Ammon Bundy came to show his support for the second amendment as well. 
“The second amendment was created to protect the defense, to protect and defend this precious life of ours,” said Bundy.  
Due to school shootings and increased attention around safety in schools, the Idaho Three Percenters group believes the issue is less about the weapon and more about the intent. 
"A gun does 3 things, it functions, it malfunctions and it rusts. So it’s all in the person holding that gun,” said Parker. 
Some Boise High School students with differing views still worry about their own safety in school. 
“It’s unimaginable to think about what that would be like and I think us being in school and being in school we are thinking about that and the possibility,” said student Ella Weber. 
While no simple solution for this issue exists, people on both sides hop Saturday helped further the conversation in Idaho. 
"We can all agree there’s a problem in our country that needs to be addressed, we just think it needs to be handled differently," said Parker.