R&L Carriers has ten days to appeal decision that went in favor of Blue Valley residents

Posted at 3:40 PM, Oct 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-09 17:40:22-04

The Boise Planning and Zoning Committee upheld an appeal Monday night in favor of Blue Valley trailer park residents that prevents a 75,000 square foot trucking terminal with a diesel fueling station from moving in next door.

R&L Carriers development was approved back at the beginning of August by the Boise Design Review Committee with modifications that would put in a sound wall in an effort to protect the residents in the trailer park.

R&L Carriers now has ten days to appeal the P&Z committee's ruling to the Boise city council, it's a story that residents in the trailer park compared to a roller coaster ride.

"It's just been scary," said Charlene Landin a resident of Blue Valley. "We worked hard to get this house and it's comfortable and we have good friends here we could lose all that and we have nowhere to go." 

Residents have voiced concerns over noise, safety issues for the children that live in the park as they board the school bus right next to where this development was planned, however, it was the health hazards that swayed the committee into voting 4-2 in favor of Blue Valley.

"We are very concerned about the fumes because the people that live at the edge of the property wouldn't be able to live with their windows or their doors open," said Juan Landin.

We attempted to contact R&L Carriers but we didn't hear back, at the meeting a representative said this decision puts the future of R&L's property value at risk if they aren't allowed to build their terminal.

This story started getting traction because it caused concerns for residents many of whom own their trailer, but they don't own the land the trailer sits on, we have talked with several residents who told us they would not be able to afford the cost of moving their trailer if it ever came to that.