Quitting vices for New Year's resolutions

Posted at 5:45 PM, Dec 31, 2018
and last updated 2019-01-02 14:16:18-05

BOISE — The most popular New Year's resolutions aim to make your body healthier, and that can be entering treatment for those battling opioid and other substance addiction.

"We see a lot of people reaching out right after the New Year to really say, I've had it, I need a change something in my life, this last holiday season was not great, and I need to do something different," said VP of operation for Northpoint Recovery Steve Laats.

However, writing it off as a resolution can be overwhelming and not so easy.

"It's a big decision, its one that many people make all the time and not everybody is successful with, which is why we say it's one day at a time," said Laats.

In-patient recovery centers, such as Northpoint Recovery, recommend following up with a twelve step program after the initial 'New Year' motivation dies down.

"It all starts with that first step, and actually realizing hey I do have a problem and where do from here get that fixed or how do I change that whats my next step to do," said Laats, "every journey is unique and so that's part of reaching out and figuring out what is that right step for that person."