Pyrrhic Paintball opens new location for people to test their skills

Posted at 12:33 PM, Nov 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-24 20:41:18-05

NAMPA, Idaho — Pyrrhic Paintball opened a new facility this weekend off of Interstate 84 between Nampa and Caldwell, after completing their move from a location near the Nampa airport.

The business was busy on opening weekend, as dozens of people showed up to check out the new complex.

Players would tell you paintball provides an adrenaline pumping contest that requires teamwork, strategy, and good aim.

“I work a lot of construction and deal with a lot of job stress; coming out here is great therapy," said Nic Scholl who is a member of the 208 Wildcards team. “It’s all about listening and communicating with your team, and staying behind cover so you don’t get lit up like I did.”

Paintball is also an excellent team building exercise. We ran into the Timberline basketball team who was blowing off steam after finishing their first week of practice. The players got to take on each other and their coaches.

“Yeah I got hit in the finger and shot in the back," said Timberline coach Travis Noble. "Yeah, they are definitely taking advantage to get some shots in."

More than anything, paintballers are a community that comes together to play a variety of different scenarios and they are always looking for more people to join the fun.

"I’ve never really been involved with sports and when I found paintball, it immediately clicked," said Ryan Daniel Weeks, a referee for Pyrrhic Paintball. "I have so much fun; it gives you that adrenaline rush and it’s just amazing.”

Here's a link to Pyrrhic Paintball's website if you are interested in learning more.