"Provocative" billboard to be removed

"Provocative" billboard to be removed
Posted at 4:48 PM, Oct 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-23 18:55:39-04

A controversial billboard advertising a well-known bikini bar and so-called gentlemen’s club in Boise will soon be removed, according to Jeff Harker, General Manager of Canyon Outdoor Media.

Canyon Outdoor Media erected the billboard several weeks ago near the intersection of State and Glenwood Streets for its client, The Torch Lounge.

“We always reserve the right to change billboard advertising that is too controversial or provocative,” Harker said. “In this case, given the number of citizens complaints we have been receiving, we recommended our client remove the billboard.”

“We regret that our client’s ad has offended anyone in our community. We will take the ad down and work with the advertiser to produce something less provocative,” he added.

He said crews could begin removing the billboard Tuesday night or early Wednesday.

The billboard has been up about four weeks. Parker said his company has only received about eight calls from people saying it was too “provocative.”

“It appears those who were concerned conducted an organized call chain to express their views,” Parker said.

The billboard shows a scantily-clad woman lying her back. It is unknown what the new billboard will show.