Protect Idaho Kids kicks off PiKnic at the Park

Posted at 1:54 PM, Jun 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-28 15:54:31-04

BOISE, Idaho — Protect Idaho Kids is a non-profit charity that makes it their mission to protect children in Idaho. On Sunday, they kicked off their PiKnic at the Park series that will provide free lunches to kids and their parents throughout the summer. The event will happen every Sunday from noon to two at Ann Morrison Park. This initiative aims to help the food insecure and is possible because of volunteers and donations from several different organizations. "Albertsons gave us a great grant, Franz Bakery gave us enough bread for 5,000 sandwiches and one lady from Hayden Lake made us 28 gallons of huckleberry jam," said Bruce Wingate the founder of Protect Idaho Kids. Protect Idaho Kids also gave away a bike for a girl and a boy during their first picnic of the season. The Piknic at the Park series will happen until August 30, and for more information on how to get free lunches or volunteer go to