Proposal for state-wide 911 dispatcher training to come from 15 stakeholders state-wide

Sherriffs and Chiefs of Police behind it
Posted at 5:24 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 19:43:36-05

New legislation could make state-level training for 911 dispatchers available in addition to their local agency training. Experts say the public will be safer as a result and have a more consistent 9-1-1 experience wherever they are throughout Idaho.

A grant from the 911 fund, which is paid for in a line-item on most phone bills, will fund the training for the first 3 years, and funding will come from the same place after it expires.  Experts say neither taxes nor 911 contributions from phone users would increase as a result of the training.

Idaho has 46 primary 911 calling centers. While all offer training those standards not state-wide, the new training measure would offer a common curriculum to 911 first responders in addition to their specific agency training. 

15 major stakeholders say they will propose new legislation at the next state legislative session. That includes the Idaho Sheriffs Association, Idaho Chiefs of Police Association, and the Idaho State Police.  Sources say Idaho State Representative Kelly Packer (R) (District 28-B) has been involved in the process up to this point and may play a role in proposing the legislation.

Experts say a majority of states in the US have adopted a core set of training that all dispatchers share statewide.