Primary Health asks for donations during crutches shortage

Primary Health Crutches
Posted at 5:20 PM, Nov 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-16 10:21:03-05

With a nationwide shortage of crutches, Primary Health Medical Group asked the community in the Treasure Valley to donate crutches they’re not using.

The shortage in one of the most common metals, aluminum, has led to a shortage in crutches for patients with leg and foot injuries.

Over the past few weeks, Dr. Derek Hamblin, physician director of urgent care at Primary Health, noticed it was becoming difficult to provide patients with crutches.

“Our supplier tells us that they anticipate a shortage of crutches through the middle of 2022,” Dr. Hamblin said. “We’ve called all over to pharmacies, and medical supply companies and stores. And we’ve not been able to get crutches from anywhere.”

Crutches for patients in the 5’5”- 5’10” height range are the most sought after. The Primary Health staff will repair, sanitize, and distribute the donated crutches.

Primary Health crutches

Three Primary Health locations are accepting donations:

  • Boise: Overland Clinic 8971 W. Overland Road
  • Garden City: Admin Building 10482 W. Carlton Bay Drive 
  • Nampa: Garrity Clinic 1375 N. Happy Valley Road 

Local thrift stores serve as a resource for individuals to purchase affordable products. Idaho Youth Ranch Vice President of Marketing and Communication Jeff Myers said medical items like crutches are always in high demand.

“Our thrift stores can be a really good way for folks to donate what they don’t need, so that other folks can have what they do need,” Myers said.

After hearing about the crutch shortage, Myers realized he had a pair of crutches in his closet that he was no longer using. He said he was putting the crutches in his car and donating them.

Donating crutches will assist medical clinics in helping their patients receive the necessary care.