President Trump discusses Micron in U.N. speech criticizing China

World Leaders Address United Nations General Assembly
Posted at 12:34 PM, Sep 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-24 17:37:49-04

When President Donald Trump addressed the United Nations in New York City on Tuesday, he used an Idaho company as the example of Chinese abuses in theft of intellectual property and trade secrets.

The President specifically mentioned Micron, saying "as just one example, I recently met the CEO of a terrific American company, Micron Technology, at the White House. Micron produces memory chips used in countless electronics. To advance the Chinese government's five-year economic plan, a company owned by the Chinese state allegedly stole Micron's designs, valued at up to $8.7 billion dollars. Soon the Chinese company obtains patents for nearly an identical product and Micron was banned from selling its own goods in China, but we are seeking justice."

Senator Jim Risch (R-ID) tweeted about the involvement of such a local issue. His tweet read, "I have discussed @MicronTech’s story with @RealDonaldTrump many, many times & today he shared it with the world. I thank POTUS for all he does to hold China accountable & to seek its adherence to the rule of law. Micron is a true Idaho gem & we will continue to fight for them!"

You can watch the full speech below (video from ABC News). The part mentioning China and Micron starts about 8.5 minutes into the speech.