President Trump 2020 cruise rally hits the streets of Boise

Posted at 6:04 PM, Oct 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-18 00:22:56-04

BOISE, Idaho — President Trump supporters held a parade in downtown Boise for the second time to showcase their enthusiasm as election night draws closer.

Hundreds of republicans gathered in Ann Morrison Park, then drove around downtown Boise and in front of the Idaho State Capitol.

This marks the second cruise rally that Meridian native Alex Kuzmenko has organized in the City of Trees, he also put together one in Portland.

"We are all gathering here to show our support not from our home, but in public," said Kuzmenko. "To show we stand for our president, what he is doing for this country, and we love what he is doing."

For fellow republicans, this family-friendly event that felt like a college football atmosphere is helping to energize Trump's base in Idaho.

"I feel like some of us might be feeling a little nervous, and it is nice to see there is a lot more support out there than people think," said republican Heidi Mineni. "We get a lot from each side, we get thumbs up and thumbs down, but we just focus on the good."

There was no democratic counter-protest because leaders and Boise Rabbi Dan Fink encouraged people to stay home to avoid a potential conflict, but one registered democrat didn't agree with this.

"I felt really frustrated with that, I didn't move to Idaho to be told what by our political and religious leaders," said Rae Cooper, who already voted for Joe Biden. "He is more in line with my values, but I think they have every right to be here."

There was a visible presence from the Boise Police Department, but we didn't see any incidents while we were at the capitol.

Idaho is heading towards a record turnout, but many voters have already mailed in their ballot or took advantage of other early voting opportunities, but Kuzmenko wanted to make a late push to encourage people to vote.

"We are here to have a good time and to have a parade for our president and to vote for him in 2020," said Kuzmenko.