Preservationists pushing proposed ordinance to save Plantation Golf Course

Posted at 5:23 PM, Oct 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-15 19:23:47-04

A story raising a lot of concern with Treasure Valley residents is the potential sale of the Plantation Golf Course in Garden City to a development group. 

Plantation Golf Course sits just off State Street in Garden City. It is 118-acres of green, with 101-years of operation under their belt.

Right now it holds a fate yet to be determined, with a pending sale of the piece of history underway.

News broke at the end of August that there would be a sale of Plantation Golf Course to a Development group. Now it’s raising more concern than ever among residents, golfers, and preservationists alike, with the findings that Plantation Golf Course could potentially be turned into residential and commercial properties.

"This is a California developer, who doesn't live here. He's coming here for one reason. He's bringing his carpet bag so he can fill it with cash and we bear the brunt of it," says President of Plantation Master Homeowners Association, Pierce Roan.

So, residents and preservationists are taking action, urging Garden City Mayor John Evans and the City Council to enact an ordinance that would preserve open space.

"We will go door to door in every home in Garden City to fight this proposition," says Roan.

But the concern isn't only with the construction on the green, but also whether State Street will be able to facilitate the added trips.

"I think state street has enough traffic already. You know, one more thing," says resident Barb Lee.

Six on your side made attempts to contact the proposed developer, but their listed number is disconnected.

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