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Idaho Democratic, Republican Caucasus set priorities for legislative session

Posted at 10:42 PM, Jan 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-12 09:57:07-05

BOISE — On Monday, The Idaho Joint Democratic and House Republican Caucuses also announced their main priorities to tackle as we move forward with the legislative session.

The Idaho House Republican Caucus has five main priorities for this year's legislative session. Which include a balance of power realignment, property tax relief transparency, unanticipated surplus distribution, transportation, infrastructure improvements, and education investment reviews.

Last week, Representative Scott Bedke told KIVI there's an unanticipated surplus from Idaho taxpayers; he says they want to find ways to give it back to them.

"Either through an investment infrastructure or tax relief. I personally would like to increase the grocery tax credit. This is a tax benefit that accrues to Idahoans and not to out of staters and accrues to those people that file their income taxes," Bedke said.

The Idaho Joint Democratic Caucus said their priorities would include; fair taxes, affordable health care, access to quality education, criminal justice reform, and economic prosperity.

During Monday's press conference, Democratic lawmakers said they aim to work together with their Republican colleagues to develop bipartisan solutions. But also express mixed emotions about governor little proposing millions of dollars in tax cuts.

"We're supportive of responsible tax cuts but only if the benefits to the working people who need it and not primarily to the wealthy and well connected as we've seen too often in recent years," House minority leader Representative Ilana Rubel said. "We want to see a permanent increase in the circuit breaker, a meaningful increase in
the child care credit, an income tax reform that will protect low-income Idahoans from being tax in the highest bracket."