2 men sought by police for kidnapping, shooting

Posted at 10:50 AM, Jan 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-27 12:51:23-05

SHOSHONE, Idaho (AP) -- A manhunt is underway for two men police believe are connected to a kidnapping and execution-style shooting in the Idaho desert.

The Times-News reports that court documents filed Tuesday describe the ruthless robbery and attempted murder of a Jerome man over a $3,000 debt.

Police say 29-year-old Francisco Javier Bravo-Martinez survived the shooting and is recovering in a hospital.

A Lincoln County judge has signed a warrant for the arrest of 24-year-old David Gonzalez Ceballos for attempted murder and kidnapping.

Police say they have arrested another person involved in Bravo-Martinez' kidnapping and are working to identify a third man accused of shooting him in the stomach and leg.

Prosecutors say the three men left Bravo-Martinez to die in the desert after shooting him, but he managed to call 911.