Police issue safety warning over laced marijuana

Posted at 11:01 AM, May 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-12 00:29:46-04

Elmore County Sheriff’s Office investigators are worried about marijuana being consumed in the area that they say is laced with a dangerous additive. That concern has prompted them to issue a public safety warning.

On Tuesday, Chief Deputy Mike Barclay issued a news release that the Sheriff’s Office is investigating a drug overdose in the town of Glenns Ferry.

Deputies were dispatched to a medical call Sunday, May 8, at an undisclosed address in Glenns Ferry.

“The call came in as a male who had collapsed and was disoriented,” Barclay said.

Detectives said their investigation revealed the man had ingested “marijuana that was laced with a chemical,” according to Barclay. He suffered what investigators describe as “a severe medical issue.”

"From what we've been told by the doctors is, it's a very serious, long-lasting condition that's not reversible.  Some things will improve over time but there's some permanent damage that's been caused as a result of this," said Barclay.

“Our greatest fear right now is that there’s more marijuana out there that is laced with this additive,” he said.

That concern -- and the severity of the man’s condition -- has prompted law enforcement officials to issue a warning to area drug users.

“As bad as it sounds coming from a law enforcement officer such as myself, we are warning all marijuana users out there to know who you are buying your marijuana from and where the drug is coming from,” Barclay said.

Detectives are working to find out where the man obtained the drug.

Barclay said the additive has been identified, but did not release details, citing an ongoing investigation.

“In some cases, we’ve heard people putting additives into marijuana to generate a higher euphoria,” he said.