Police investigate gunshot at Twin Falls School

Posted at 3:37 PM, May 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-06 20:53:04-04

Police are investigating what they believe was an accidental discharge of a handgun at the Robert Stuart Middle School in Twin Falls.

Authorities say it happened about 12:30 p.m. Friday.

Shortly after the incident, the District notified parents by telephone. A recorded message said: “This is Dr. Wiley Dobbs, Superintendent of Schools. I am calling to inform you of an incident at Robert Stuart Middle School. There was an accidental discharge of a weapon on campus; however, no one was hurt. The weapon was immediately turned over to administrators, and the school staff has turned the investigation over to the local police. A student was taken into custody and, under the guidance of the local police department, we believe the situation is contained. Most students are off-campus participating in Helping Hands Day, Police remain on campus and at this time there is no reason to believe any further threat exists."

“We believe there was no malicious intent toward any student or the school,” said Twin Falls City spokesman Josh Palmer.

The student, whose name and age were not released, is in police custody and faces four charges, according to Palmer. 

Two other juveniles have also been taken into custody. They face the same four charges. 

The campus student resource officer responded to the scene “within seconds,” Palmer said, and confiscated the gun. A second gun, found in the same bag, had an altered serial number. Police say they are still working to determine the origin of that gun.  

As of Friday afternoon, Palmer said police and the school district were still “in the middle of their investigation.”

Details of circumstances surrounding the discharge are sketchy, and investigators say more details may be released as the investigation progresses.