Police increasing patrols at Boise Airport arrival and departure curbs for holiday weekend

BPD increases patrols at airport this weekend
Boise Airport
Posted at 7:21 AM, May 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 09:21:20-04

BOISE, Ida. — Boise Police are increasing patrols at the Boise Airport starting this weekend through the peak summer travel season. Officers will focus on the arrival and departure curbs.

Officials are asking travelers to use proper pick up and drop off procedures at the airport. Passengers can expect to see more law enforcement officers patrolling airport drive lanes and on the loading/unloading curbs.

“Traveling can be a stressful time and whether you’re coming back from a trip or just leaving for one, we want to make sure you get where you’re going safely,” said Boise Police Lieutenant Mark Barnett. “The increased patrols are an effort to keep the traffic moving smoothly at the Boise Airport while also decreasing hazardous situations.”

A few rules to remember:
• Vehicles are not allowed to be parked (even if attended) on the upper and lower curbs. Any stopped vehicle shall be actively loading or unloading passengers.
• Vehicles are not allowed to block drive lanes when loading or unloading due to the increased safety hazard this causes.
• People are encouraged to use the cell phone waiting area. If full, drivers are encouraged to wait off-site until they receive a phone call when their intended passenger is on the curb.
• Each column on the lower curb area is marked with a large painted number which will help drivers locate their intended passenger.

Officers are encouraging drivers to obey the law and may issue a citation upon seeing a violation.

For more information on rules and regulations at the Boise Airport, click here.