Middleton cracks down on skate park jaywalking

Posted at 10:14 PM, May 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 00:14:52-04

It's not the skate park itself police in Middleton are worried about, it's how people are getting there.  Located directly across from the middle school on Highway 44 police say jaywalking could lead to tragedy.

"It's a dangerous situation. Right now they're not even using the crosswalk with the skate park open," explained Chief Brian Zimmerman of the Middleton Police Department.

So far there hasn't been an accident, but the city has received complaints from citizens saying skaters are dashing across the busy road.

"It is a concern, we want zero people to cross that street except in a crosswalk," said Middleton Parks Director Becky Crofts.

That crosswalk even has a crossing guard during the school year and it's less than half a block away. That's why Middleton Police and other community leaders are keeping their eyes out for jaywalkers headed to the skate park.

"Hopefully, by seeing us here they won't cross where there is not a crosswalk and they will walk down that half a block to that crosswalk," explained Chief Zimmerman.

Police and city officials say they will be at the skate park every day for the rest of the school year and next fall when school begins again. City officials also say they will be improving safety through the construction of a parking structure and other added features to the park.

"It's likely at that time we’ll move the crosswalk and it will monitored. It's going to be destination spot for the City of Middleton, we just need to keep the kids safe when they’re exiting and entering school," explained Crofts.

Those construction projects may not start for another year. Officials are asking the public to play it safe and follow the law.