Police: Garden City man faces over 30 charges related to power tool thefts

Posted at 3:33 PM, Feb 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 23:58:12-05

BOISE, Idaho — Police say two Boise-area residents have been arrested for stealing some $18,000 of power tools and selling them at local pawn shops.

Layn Minor, 23, of Garden City was arrested on twenty felony burglary, three felony grand theft, and eight misdemeanor petit theft charges. Madison Carner, 19, of Nampa faces one felony charge of criminal solicitation to commit a crime.

Both were booked into the Ada County Jail Tuesday afternoon.

The Boise Police Department said the arrests resulted from an investigation that stretched over several months and involved power tools stolen from a retailer on North Milwaukee street.

“The thefts happened over several weeks between October and December. The stolen items were then sold to various pawn shops by multiple subjects,” according to a BPD news release.

“Working with the retailer and the pawn shops, Boise Police officers were able to recover most of the stolen items, totaling around $18,000,” the release added.

Minor is accused of entering the business with the intent to steal the tools. Carner is accused of soliciting help from other suspects to pawn or sell the stolen items.

The stolen items include power tools, drills and saws.

Most of the stolen items were recovered and returned to the local business in January.

Boise Police officers routed their investigation to the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office and a warrant was issued for Minor and Carner’s arrest.

Investigators say the two could face additional charges.