Police arrest six teens in Boise golf ball vandalism cases

Six teenagers face felony charges following dozens of instances of vandalism in Boise. 

The vandalism involved golf balls used to break windows and damage cars and homes. 

18-year-old Cordar Moore is the only suspect who was identified.  The others include two 17-year-olds and three 16-year-olds.  They all face felony charges of malicious injury to property.  Police say all six have confessed to the crimes. 

Since January 13th police have investigated more than 30 reports of vandalism in north and southeast Boise, totaling more than $15,000 in damage. 

Boise Police thanked the public for their help. 

“Neighbors who see something and say something are crucial to helping solve these types of crimes,” said Sgt. Sara Hill, a School Resource Officer with the Boise Police Department.  “Thank you to everyone who called in with information or sent us video and images from their home surveillance cameras.  A good neighbor can be one of the best crime prevention tools.” 

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