Plantation Country Club gets new ‘welcoming and inclusive’ name

Posted at 4:47 PM, Oct 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-01 18:47:47-04

GARDEN CITY, Idaho — This article was written by Don Day of BoiseDev.

The Plantation Country Club in Garden City will soon get its new name.

The River Club.

The name reflects the golf course and private club’s location along the Boise River. It also eliminates the word ‘plantation’ from the name, which managers said earlier this year they would eliminate.

Glass Creek, LLC led by Will Gustafson, purchased the property in 2018.

“We felt from the very beginning that ‘Plantation Country Club’ did not reflect the vision we had for the club’s future: a fresh, modern, inclusive, and welcoming club for all members of the community,” Gustafson said. “This year brought a sharp focus on just how imperative it was for our club to not be attached to that dark piece of America’s history and we knew we couldn’t wait any longer. In hindsight, the decision to wait was a mistake and we wanted to correct that as promptly and responsibly as we could.”

An article from National Geographic goes into extensive detail about the history of the term plantation in American history, describing it as “an instrument of British colonialism characterized by social and political inequality. It links the agricultural prosperity of the South with the domination by wealthy aristocrats and the exploitation of slave labor.”

The River Club

The River Club name echoes the original name for the course – Boise Country Club. The facility launched in 1917, and changed its name to add Plantation in 1930.

“We hope you are as proud of the all the beautiful improvements to the club as we are,” a letter sent to members last night said. “Now is the right time to emerge as a new club: a club that is welcoming and inclusive. As you know, we have been contemplating a new name for the club for several months…”

Gustafson said many suggested names tied into the Boise River.

“The Boise River is the lifeblood for this community,” Gustafson said. “We are physically and intrinsically attached to it. It was obvious that our Club’s future had to pay respect to the river.”

The letter notes that the now-River Club has changed its name several other times over the years to “reflect its time and place in the community.”

Glass Creek launched a redevelopment plan to adjust some of the golf holes, as well as revamp clubhouse and other facilities. Changes to State Street will remake the south side of the course, and potential new development could spring up along the street.